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True Tubes-Disposable tattoo tubes with metal tips

Soba Brass Deluxe Pilot Shader Tattoo Machine Review

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

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Soba One Tattoo Machine Interview

Veritas Irons Tattoo Machine Interview

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Tattoo Machines Profile - Joe Capobianco

Guy Aitchison - Tattoo Machine Interview

Tattoo Machines Profile - Durb

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Tattoo Machines Reviews

    Send your Tattoo Machines for review

    TattooTattoo Machines Now is accepting tattoo machines for our Tattoo Machine Reviews section. If you would like your tattoo machines reviewed for this website, please contact Gabe @ (413) 585-9134. Your tattoo machines will be reviewed at Off the Map Tattoo by Ben Reigle, one of our resident artists, as well as various guest tattoo artists at Off the Map Tattoo. Click to see the current guest list.

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    Soba Brass Deluxe Pilot Shader Tattoo Machine Review

    shader tattoo machine sobaHoly lag time batman! I got the Soba Brass Deluxe Pilot Shader tattoo machine for review like, um, well....a looooong while ago! Soba sent it my way to put through the daily rigors and see what I could say both positive and negative about it. With the way my year has been it has been rough to get myself sat down in front of the computer to type all this stuff in! That is a good thing though!! What I am reviewing is not the production model,  but besides the coil covers it's no different then what you would order at Workhorse Irons.
    I will run you through all the specifics of this machine first and fore ...

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    Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

    thanks to Joe Capobianco for the great review. Without further adu:

    OK, Well I’ve been asked to write a bit of a revue on Stigma’s “Hyper, V.2” Hybrid rotary tattoo machine. I’ve been using a few of them just about exclusively for approximately 2 months.

    The Stigma Hyper is not your standard “Rotary” tattoo machine. It uses what they call “Swash Plate Technology”, and runs slightly different from the average Rotary. This swash drive tattoo machine is set up with the motor vertically. Therefore changing the weight distribution from a standa ...

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    True Tubes-Disposable tattoo tubes with metal tips

    disposable tattoo tubesEarly on in 2010 Off the Map decided to go fully disposable, due to the nature of this shop and having 40-50 guest artists per year come through. To ensure that we maintain a completely sterile environment we cleaned up our autoclaves and put them in storage. We strive to maintain strict standards of cleanliness here at the shop and feel that the nature of disposable tubes help us in that.
    That being stated, it was personally a big change for myself. I had been tattooing for 4 years around then and it was almost exclusively with stainless steel tubes, usually one and a half to two inch grips due to my large hands. The battle to f ...

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    Veritas Irons Liner and Shader tattoo machine review

    Veritas Irons Sage Liner and shader.

    I am going to write this review as a dual review, both the liner and shader at once.

    liner and shader tattoo machines
    We recieved the Veritas Irons Sage Liner and Shader tattoo machines as our first set of machines for review. I have put them through a few months of daily wear and they are smooth running machines that are solidly built. Hard hitting no joke daily money makers i would say. Upon arrival the liner was dead. I was a little concerned, but a quick call to Greg and he had it figured out that during shipping the top rear binding post had spun loose, this is wh ...

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    Pulse Septa Tattoo Machine Review

    I'll start with Pulse Tattoo Machines' description from their website for the Septa Shader tattoo machine: "Our Septa shader has been designed and built to give the feel and performance of an old school iron. Made from a billet of C10-18 cold rolled steel, and then heat treated, the Septa runs like an iron machine. Fitted with 3/8” coil cores, it creates a very strong magnet. We set it up with stiff springs, for a solid hard hitting shader, that will pack the color in. Will run everything from a 5 mag up. Old school sensibility, mixed with new school precision. Black oxide finish, choose 8 or 10 wrap coils."

    I believe they nailed it in their description . The Septa is a great shader tattoo machine that can run pretty much any setup you put in it. I use ...

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