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Ego Tattoo Machine review by Joe King

ego rotary tattoo machines

I've been a faithful, coil tattoo artist for ten years with no intentions of changing that.  However, I've since developed tendonitis due to a lack of stretching during long tattoo sessions, leaving me incapable of gripping even a pencil.  As part of rehabilitation, I've been using rotary tattoo machines due to their light weight.  I've tried several brands and styles, none of which really suited my needs.  I'm currently using the EGO rotary tattoo machine  by tattoo artist BEZ, owner of TripleSix Studios. These are my thoughts...

The Ego is awesome! It interacts with the skin the same way that I run my coil machines, except with a fraction of the weight and strain. I can't say enough about this machine, especially the "give" system. Its simple and efficient design provides better results than anything I've tried.  I have yet to find a task that this thing can't handle!

I'm not going to say that this machine or any other will make me or anyone else a better tattooer. However, in my case that's the point. It didn't change my tattooing or even slow it down really. Furthermore, the quality of my work didn’t suffer when adjusting to the new tool. When you don't have a choice in such changes, those are the kind of results that my clients and I can be really grateful for.

artist if you would like to order you can do so HERE>  TattooMachinesNOW

if you would like to ask more about the EGO please email me:  I'll be happy to share!