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Tattoo Machines NOW has high quality tattoo machines for sale on consignment from some of todays leading tattoo machine builders. We currently sell tattoo machines from Tony Urbanek tattoo machines, Kingpin Handbuilt tattoo machines, and Vertitas Irons tattoo machines. Categories include liner tattoo machines, shader tattoo machines, handbuilt tattoo machines, and full custom tattoo machines. Tattoo Machines NOW does not ship or supply any technical support or warranty, but each machine builder does. Tattoo machines are sold to professional tattoo artists only.


Tattooer, Hotrodder, machine builder, pinstriper, painter, overall madball hardcore tattoo artist. Owner and artist at Inkadinkadoo tattoo in PGH. I love the business and the people involved in it, not the jerk off ego maniac pre-madonna's!! All of my machines are hand built, assembled and tuned in house. Each machine comes with a lifetime guarantee. Send it back and I’ll fix, or replace the problem! -Tony Urbanek

Welcome to my world of everything machine. I tattoo and build out of my shop, Eternal Dragon Tattoo, in Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada. All the machines currently available can be viewed and purchased. This page will be updated frequently and regularly, so check back often, cuz when they're gone....they're gone. Custom orders are available, but your order will be at the end of the current working list of orders, so be prepared for a 2-3 week wait while your order moves to the front of the list. I ONLY SELL TO PROFESSIONAL TATTOOISTS If you can't provide proof of employment in a professional shop, your purchase request will be denied.

The Little EGO V2 is an extreme-lightweight rotary tattoo machine with a wrist friendly design. With all of the weight shifted forward to create a pen like feeling and eliminating wrist pain, the ego is perfectly balanced for maximum needle control. Made from high-grade scratch free plastics and with a special UV coating it makes the machine easy to clean, robust and extremely light weight.

The Little EGO V2 still features the remarkable "power triangle" system which allows you to alter the "give" of the machine. Each machine comes with a variety of different power triangles and each colour is a different density of rubber. These simulate the conventional spring effect of coil machines and allow the artist to configure their EGO exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw. Any combination of rubbers can be used to create the perfect machine for lining, colouring or super soft shading and blending.


Handmade Tattoo Machines From Kingpin Tattoo Supply

MISSION STATEMENT My name is Gregory DiGiacinto. I have been a professional tattooer for 10 years and building tattoo machines for about half of that. I share ownership of Veritas Illumina Custom Tattoo in Mays Landing, New Jersey. My goal as a tattooer is too immerse myself deeply into all of the essential elements that tattooing has to offer. All I do is tattoo, paint and build tattoo machines. that's it. It is what I love. It is all I will ever want to do. If you are buying a tattoo machine from me, you are buying my heart. I will always appreciate anyone who supports my endeavors. I always like to hear from the people who are making tattoos with the tools that I have built for them. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at . I will respond promptly and courteously. Thank you for your continued support. Yours truly, Gregory DiGiacinto Veritas Irons RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE. PROOF THAT YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL TATTOOER IS REQUIRED. YOU MUST WORK IN A LICENSED AND ESTABLISHED TATTOO SHOP. I DO NOT SELL TO AMATEURS. IF I DONíT KNOW YOU, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT GREGORYDIGIACINTO@VERITASIRONS.COM BEFORE PURCHASING. I WILL NOT SUPPORT THE UP RISE OF IGNORANT FOOLS WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OUT CRAFT. TECH SUPPORT THERE IS A LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON ALL MACHINES TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER, BARRING ALL SEVERE ABUSE. PLEASE CONTACT ME, GREGORYDIGIACINTO@VERITASIRONS.COM .

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